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One cup of coffee, countless lives changed


A non-profit subscription service dedicated to making philanthropy easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone! 


There’s a huge population of college students and young adults in the U.S. who might not have steady income, but still want to give back and make a difference. Chances are, the majority of this population contributes to the American coffee industry which profits over a billion dollars each day.


Donating just one of your monthly coffees to the Big Picture Project can be compiled with other generous donors to make a huge impact, without disrupting your daily life. 


The Big Picture Project is a platform to give anyone and everyone the opportunity to be a changemaker while encouraging unity. Starting at $4 a month, the combined subscriptions of many individuals have the power to change lives. 


By picking a different foundation for each monthly sum to be donated to, The Big Picture Project allows contributors to support a diverse group of causes at a  low cost.


Everyone should have the opportunity to give back, The Big Picture Project is the perfect place to start. 

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The Big Picture Project
The Big Picture Project

Our highlighted monthly charities feature a diverse selection of organizations

The Big Picture Project
The Big Picture Project

Subscribe to contribute for as low as  $4.00 per month

The Big Picture Project
The Big Picture Project

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The Big Picture Project
The Big Picture Project

SPREAD THE WORD! The Big Picture Project is based on the foundation of recruiting as many people as possible. The bigger the community, further your dollars will go.

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January 2022

Kids For Peace

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February 2022

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March 2022

American SPCC


April 2022

WildCat Ridge Sanctuary


May 2022

Global Links


June 2022

Stephen J Wampler Foundation

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July 2022

Gay and Sober

Clinica Verde.jpg

August 2022

Clínica Verde


September 2022

Halleck Creek Ranch


October 2022

HeARTs Speak

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November 2022

Knights of Heroe

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December 2022

Hear Your Song

The Big Picture Project


Our highlighted monthly charities feature a diverse selection of organizations so that our subscribers can support multiple communities in need. The Big Picture Project eliminates the stress of deciding what kind of organization to support; one of our top goals was offer a platform where subscriber money supports a variety of causes. Each nonprofit was carefully selected and communicated with to ensure your money is put to best use.



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